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Take a style quiz and get personalised clothing recommendations



With recommendations from your personal stylist you can unleash your wardrobe's full potential
Unlimited outfit combinations
Smart shopping
Don't waste time going to the shops; only buy the items you need using the shopping list from your personal stylist
Time saving
Don't waste half an hour every day wondering what to wear


Take a style quiz to help us learn what you love
Take pictures of your wardrobe and get personalised recommendations from our style experts
Discover new stylish combinations with items from your favourite brands
I'm a style buddy and trend coach for more than 5 years. My approach is an emphasis on individuality. It is very important for me to choose clothes not only according to trends, but also according to the client's self-perception
I am a practicing personal stylist, fond of psychology and apply its methods in my work in order to get to know the client and his request better. Styled more than 2 thousand outtfits for amazing women
For the last 5 years I've been working in the fashion industry as a personal stylist and shopper, styling and writing for Cosmopoplitan. I also teach style in online schools and will be very happy to find something cool for your wardrobe
I'm a personal stylist and buddy for beginners, used to be designer. I love personal styling, working with the most diverse figures and choosing clothes for women to make them feel beautiful and happy
I'm a personal stylist for more than 5 years, used to be fashion blogger and co-founder of fashion brand. Now I'm focused on personal styling, correct and delicate body shaping and capsule wardrobe
How does Catchy work?
With Catchy you can dress better, save time and buy less clothes making the most of your current wardrobe.

  1. Fill a detailed form with your size, style likes and preferences. Time to complete is just 5 minutes.

  2. Based on your answer Catchy will assign you a professional stylist and a personal manager who will contact you through email.

  3. First, we will send you a personal style card with our recommendations on style, colours and clothes. It's free.

  4. Then your personal manager will ask you to send us one item from your wardrobe that you want your stylist to work with. The idea is to make use of every item of your current wardrobe. If you want a new outfit without use of your clothes, we can do it as well!

  5. You will receive new outfit suggestions from your personal stylist or outfits based on your clothes in 24 hours. All items will be clickable. Buy what you want.
Our mission
50% of your wardrobe is not worn. You spend about 15 minutes a day finding the right outfit for the day. We know it, you know it.

We want to digitize your wardrobe so that it brings you pleasure, saves time and money. Make it 100% usable.

All your items will be visualized into outfits for every day of the week and for every occasion. Just ask your personal stylist.

If you want to buy something new, your stylist will send you links on clothes that match your wardrobe, your colour type and your body shape. You only buy what you like.
How much does Catchy cost?
The first interaction with your stylist is free. No credit card required.

We want to build our product for you and with you, so it is important for us to get to know each other better and get a feedback from you.

If you are happy with our product we'll offer you a monthly subscription so we can work together every day and make your wardrobe work for you. It will cost 14,90 pounds a month.
Ok. I'll try. What next?
We hope for a long term relationship.

We want to digitize your clothes in Catchy. Send us pictures and get recommendations from your personal stylist that match your current wardrobe.

Just drop a picture of your item, give us a comment and your stylist will send you an outfit recommendation in 24h. Or ask to build an outfit from your personal clothes.

The ultimate goal: your full wardrobe digitized in Catchy. Your personal stylist will send you outfit recommendations every day / week (it's up to you) and create outfits from clothes in your current wardrobe. Ask your stylist for particular clothes or style questions.

What kind of outfits will I get?
Each outfit is personalized. You can indicate the clothes or styles that you want your stylist to focus and those that you prefer to avoid. Add any extra comments and it will be taken into account when preparing the outfits.
What brand does Catchy work with?
You can choose your favourite brands for your stylist to work with or ask her to show you brands that match your style if you want to discover something new.